Venkatesh Katta

Venkatesh Katta

Co-founder and Director

“Photography brings myriad opportunities to travel to new destinations, meet new people, and experience new cultures,” says Venkatesh.

Of the school of belief that visual media are the best form of communication and that a single picture is worth a thousand words, Venkatesh took up photography a decade ago, and hasn’t looked back since. He says what he loves about photography is that it’s as much a social catalyst as a recreational practice.

Within a short time since beginning photography, true to his quote, Venkatesh travelled to places far and wide and brought back glimpses from across the world. He was in love with looking through the lens. With a keen eye for detail and an obsession for perfection, he practises several genres of photography. But wide angle landscape photography is what he enjoys the most, he says, and he is always high on panoramic scenics. He has publicly exhibited his photographic works and his pictures have been published in several magazines and corporate calendars.

He brings to LensOwl his extensive knowledge at various levels of digital photography and post processing apart from finance, business strategy, start-up experience and innovation and marketing.

A glimpse of his work