There's nothing to worry. LensOwl offers a wide range of cameras and lenses for hire that are most suitable for nature and wildlife photography. Just ask us. Also you get a 10% discount on equipment hired for this tour.
Considering the nature of this tour where you'll be shooting birds and mammals, lens with focal length of at least 300mm is required. Any lenses with longer focal lengths will give you the additional reach. You may carry teleconverters for additional reach. A wide-angle or normal zoom is idea for to capture stunning landscape photographs.
Each safari vehicle will have 3 participants unless opted for a single vehicle. The vehicle will have 3 rows of seats and each row of seat is occupied by one participant which gives enough room to move around to either side while comfortably carrying your photography equipment.
Please co-ordinate with the skipper of this tour to choose the ideal flight plan that suits your convenience to land on the day on the tour. However, we suggest that all guests arrive in Nairobi a DAY BEFORE the tour begins - on 8th Feb 2018. The tour officially kicks off on 9th February 2018. Upon confirmation, we can help you book accommodation in Nairobi for the night of the 8th February, so we are all in the same hotel. We also suggest you plan on staying back in Nairobi on the night of the 16th February at your own expensive, to avoid a very long way back home. Please note the cost of accommodation in Nairobi before and after the tour, on 8th February and 16th February, and transfers are not included in the tour cost and will be at actuals on confirmation. Irrespective of the airline you choose for your travel from your original destination to Nairobi and back you will have to plan to fly as a GROUP from Nairobi - Kilimanjaro and Kilimanjaro-Nairobi.
It is MANDATORY to have Yellow Fever Vaccination and Polio Vaccination to be eligible to travel to East Africa. In case you have been vaccinated for Yellow Fever before - the certificate is valid for a period of 10 years from the date of administration, but a Polio Vaccination is valid for only a year, so please plan accordingly.
We will travel in 4 x 4 Safari Land Cruisers outfitted especially with enough headroom and open roofs to allow for photography expeditions and unimpeded 360 views. Our Drivers cum Local Guides speak English, and are certified local Tanzanians, who know the territory like the back of their hand. They are also the best people to predict wildlife movements, and are generous with their expertise about local flora and fauna
We also cap the maximum group size to a maximum of 15 to ensure proper attention is given to all participants.  So book your space before the tour fills up.