No. We do not seek any Security Deposit. However, you would to go through the registration process and we will verify the authenticity of the information and the documents you have submitted.
Since we are providing this service without taking an Security Deposit, we would want to ensure that we collect as many credentials as possible to ensure the customer's authenticity to ensure our business interests. You can be rest assured that your KYC documents or it's information will be securely kept and at no point it will be shared with any third party, unless mandated by law.
Registration is FREE. However, we need your valid credentials to activate your registration. You have to submit the required KYC documents.
First of all we thank you for looking at LensOwl for your photography equipment rental. Renting from LensOwl is simple and hassle-free. You can visit our Registration page at for an overview of our registration process and you can register online too.
Registration with LensOwl is FREE. However, we need your valid credentials to process and activate your registration.