What flights do I book?

Please co-ordinate with the skipper of this tour to choose the ideal flight plan that suits your convenience to land on the day on the tour. However, we suggest that all guests arrive in Nairobi a DAY BEFORE the tour begins Рon 25th August 2018. The tour officially kicks off on 25th August 2018. Upon confirmation, we can help you book accommodation in Nairobi for the night of the 24th August, so we are all in the same hotel.Please note the cost of accommodation in Nairobi before the tour, on 24th August and transfers are not included in the tour cost and will be at actuals on confirmation. Irrespective of the airline you choose for your travel from your original destination to Nairobi and back you will have to plan to fly as a GROUP from Nairobi РMasai Mara and Masai Mara-Nairobi.